Hopefully you will find the writings on this site helpful and strengthening in your walk with God. My hope is that you would be encouraged to follow Jesus for all of your days, grow in understanding of Him and His plan, and that you would increase and abound in love still more and more.

I love and follow Jesus! He is a presently living and resurrected-from-the-dead Jewish Man: Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of David, the Christ of Israel.

He, though God, took on the form of a bondservant and made Himself as nothing and gave Himself voluntarily to death on a Roman cross. He once was dead, bearing the weight and penalty of mankind’s sin, but is now alive forevermore. He ascended in a physically resurrected body to God’s right hand, and is coming back to the earth to restore all things and be faithful to His covenants with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. He will rule as the Davidic King from Jerusalem, judge the living and the dead, and be joined to His people as a loving and tender Bridegroom.

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My passion is to partner with the LORD as He is filling the earth with prayer and worship and as the Gospel is being preached in every tongue and tribe. I have a heart to train the next generation to love Him and be equipped through the Word of God and the Spirit of God. I carry a strong passion to see the body of Christ understand Israel, the end times, and God’s redemptive plan for the earth. As the apostle Paul said, so do I say: “My heart’s desire and prayer is for Israel, that they may be saved!” (Rom. 10:1) Has God rejected his people? By no means! (Rom. 11:1) I stand as a messenger of the truth that God has not cast off His people Israel. I will pray and advocate for their salvation, restoration, and acceptance of their Messiah. I also want to make clear that this is not in any way exclusive – I want, and more importantly God wants, all people to come to know Him. Israel does, however, play a very central role in God’s story. I love people from numerous nations and I especially have a burden to see many Muslims come to the knowledge of Jesus and know that they are loved by a Father in heaven.